Tasmania was my home for a bazillion (fifteen?) years, but I moved to Melbourne in July 2017 and I freakin’ love it. I am shooting weddings in Tasmania still; a slightly more glamorous FIFO life than people who actually get their hands dirty (hey! I get wedding cake on my fingers sometimes!) I love Tasmania, I love Melbourne, I love LOVE.

If you want an inconspicuous little ginger with a shaggy mop of curly hair to follow you around and make you laugh when you need it or give your nan a lift to the ceremony or dance with your drunk aunty at the reception,  I'm your gal. 

I use lots of different methods to tell stories, but the camera is my favourite. If you have a story to tell and you want it captured in pictures forever, I would love to be there. This might be the day you promise your love that you will always always always stay, or a regular day at home with your little people, their jam-sticky fingers and your super weird dog. Any story.