teamwork makes the dream work

Richy and I met at the end of 2013 when he and his wife Amelia (Mops) had their son Mo, right after my sister and her fella had their (very) little girl Livvy. I could hear Richy and Mops before I could see them. We spent a lot of time together in the same room of the NICU, partitioned by thin blue curtains. I remember thinking that they sounded like my kinda people, and was jealous of my sister because she had a baby and could be friends with them. And then I realised that I could probably just be friends with them.

Rich and I get along with a pretty even combo of art, comedy, vague communication, and pointed teasing. We both have just the right amount of sparky anxious energy to make stuff happen, and just the right amount of calm and collected to keep our feet on the ground. I'm pretty proud to say that we make a great team. I'm even prouder to say that the wonderful couples who have shared their weddings with us have been amused and calmed and excited by our presence on their big day. See a few of Richy's versions of our days together here + here + here.

The long + the short: if you're getting married (or doing something else lovely and wonderful with people you love), or maybe you just have a story to tell, please contact us. We will get the real moments; the gushy and peaceful and raw and wild. Your story is important to us. We will dance at your wedding.