Lake Leather

Brief: Bring this much-loved Tasmanian brand out of hiding and into a bright new future. Expand its horizons to a younger audience through high-quality showcasing of its wares via social channels.


Idea: A three day shoot, highlighting Midlands Tasmania, youthful and aspirational target market in attractive situations, sharply dressed in texturally/contextually appropriate clothing and accessories, letting the leather goods speak for themselves.

Impact: A very strong facebook/instagram campaign with lots of new content for the brand’s emerging website.

From the Client: I am in love with the images Alison supplied for my retail business. They are better than anything I could have imagined. After our initial meeting and a chat about what I required and what I was hoping for, Alison took her brief and really ran with it. She spent some time getting a feel for the shop and our vibe, assembled a small team and went to work. Her vision, planning and execution were excellent. Being unavailable on the day to attend the shoot I was completely in her hands. I have not been disappointed. I’m so excited about our upcoming campaign and am very proud of the way my business is going to be represented, Alison has managed to capture the warmth and classic style of leather goods with an edgy twist.