Folktale Films

Richy is one of my very best mates. He is an extraordinary filmmaker and there’s no one I love working with more. We absolutely LOVE working together. We flow around together kinda like a couple who has been washing up and drying the dishes for years (except we both have beautiful ladies of our own). If you want a rad team who like each other and see the day in a very similar way, book us together (we also travel together and gladly share accommodations, cars, bottles of water, forks, packets of Twisties, etc). Go and spend a few minutes/hours watching Richy’s beautiful films here.


Merren - Cinta Celebrate Love

Merren is truly the kindest, most soulful, warmest, loveliest woman upon the earth, and she is an absolute pro at making your wedding an intimate and heartfelt celebration of you and your families and friends. I’ve seen her do such a range of ceremonies; each warm and funny and so unique to each couple. I’d choose Merren for my own wedding.


Shene Estate and Distillery

Tucked away in Pontville (30 minutes North of Hobart), this historic estate (and the family team that preserve and run it) is perfect, and makes an incredible wedding location. Whether you’re after a gorgeous backdrop or a drop of gorgeous gin or whiskey (all of which they can offer in spades, home of Poltergeist Gin and Mackey Whisky), look no further than Shene Estate and Distillery.


Sandridge Estate

If you want to kick up your heels in a rugged and beautifully-lit shed in the middle of the bush in North West Tasmania, and you want a rad team to run your big day and serve you drinks all night while you dance and stand by the fire, then the only obvious choice is Sandridge Estate.