ten years for adam and katie

Katie studied Education with me at uni and we met in 2007. She was a newlywed and my earliest memory of getting to know her was her proudly showing a group of girls some photos from the holidays she just returned from with her BRAND NEW HUSBAND Adam. I used to spend very late nights hangin' with her and Adam, eating Katie's pho and talking til all-hours. I was nineteen. They're both a few years older than me but have never made me feel dumb (unless I am being dumb) and have always treated me like family. I guess if I were being theatrical, I'd say Katie is the big sister that I don't technically have but have anyway. 

Nearly two years later, their first daughter Addison was born, then Mattea (Tia) three and a bit years later, and then their son Kit just this past January. I photographed his arrival, which happened in their lounge room, the place where I have shared so many days and nights with them. This is my favourite kind of "work", because it's storytelling and real and full of love. 

Katie and Adam celebrated ten years of marriage a few weeks ago. We (Richie of Folktale Films and I) accompanied the five of them to Bridport where we all assembled a little wonderland of flowers and a teepee on their favourite beach (which was, for the most part, totally private, still, not a breath of wind, and suitably overcast and warm all at once). A dream! And they are all beautifully dressed. A winning combination. They exchanged some words and some smooches and lots of cuddles all round. You can see Richie's video at the end of this post. 

Thank you, Katie and Adam and kiddos, for your friendship and your example and making me look good by being cute and great and for just never giving up on each other ever ever.