jake + lizzie

I met Jake and Lizzie through mutual friends. In fact, once upon a time, many (many, many) moons ago, I played clarinet in the concert band at Queechy High with Lizzie's biggest brother Dale. Lizzie was probably not even in kinder then. Fast forward, and she's a drop dead gorgeous bride, married to the lovely Jake (whose aunty I went to uni with, way back when I was a pre-service teacher). We have lots of connections. But boooooy, do they have a connection.

Jake and Lizzie (or Lizzie and Jake: debated ongoing) got engaged a while ago and when I found that out, I was like a puppy with toy. I HAD TO TAKE THEIR PICTURES. So we did a little pre-wedding shoot before they jetted off to Sydney to get hitched. Fast forward three weeks and they humoured me and my good mate (and partner in creative crime) Rich, and got dressed up in their wedding digs again and joined us in the Hollybank Forest, about twenty minutes from where we all live. 

It was a lovely lovely collaboration; Richie's wife (and my best pal) Amelia did Lizzie's hair and makeup. Richie and I had popped up to a local wholesale florist (Outside Flowers) and picked ourselves up some natives (omg billy buttons forever) and we fashioned a boutonniere for Jake and a beautiful crown for Lizzie. I'm rambling now. But I had SO much fun. Perfect light. Perfect couple (who make so many adorable and hilarious and loving and sincere and ridiculous faces at each other), gorgeous clothes. A dream. AND, what's more: Richie filmed it. See that HERE.