julia + tim + otis

Being winter time, my schedule is dotted with a few bits and pieces of family-based photo work, a few little corporate-y/event-y things, and lots of dragging wood in, sitting at the laundromat responding to emails, and sleeping when I can. When the wedding season was wrapping up earlier this year, I assisted one of my very very very best friends in the whole world, Chelsea Parsons, with her final wedding before she moved with her fella and kiddos to Sweden. SWEDEN.

At this wedding was a beautiful gal (a bridesmaid) named Laura. Laura and a few other people lightheartedly commented about how I'd be taking the reins as their new photographer once Chels was in Sweden, and I laughed, and that felt weird, because Chelsea is amaaaazing and also because SWEDEN.

Nevertheless, Laura got in touch with me a little while ago to tell me that her sister Julia and Julia's husband Tim would be having a Christening for their son in August and asked me to come along to take photos for them. Chelsea photographed both Laura and Julia's weddings, and has done various family shoots for them over the years, and I've gotta say, Chels sure knows how to attract the most beautiful, classy, honest, lovely, kind and superbly dressed people in town.

Within minutes of being at Otis's Christening, I was in tears. I arrived towards the end (as they wanted photos of the gathering and of their families moreso than the actual service) and arrived to the most perfect soundtrack. As I chatted to Laura, Holocene by Bon Iver, and then Resolution by Matt Corby were playing. People eventually cleared out and I was left mostly just with Julia and Otis, and she softly sang Work Song by Hozier to him as I tucked them under the window  (between I LOVE THIS SONG TOO! and Don't look at me, poss, look at him.) Julia, this knockout of a mama, strong and unwavering, sang softly to her son, her beautiful kiddo who defied the odds to get here, and I cried. (I'll occasionally cry during a really good bit of a wedding service, or if the light is perfect and a couple is perfect, or during a crackerjack speech at a reception, but I don't think I've ever cried within minutes of meeting someone.)

Thanks Julia, Tim, Otis, and your huge tribe, for the two hours of love I got to be a part of on your little sunny Saturday in August.  I am so grateful for the timely reminder of why I love to do this; to connect with real (and real good!) people who love each other to bits. Aahhhh. Back to it. x